We believe in the Holy Trinity
We believe, Jesus is the only way to the Father.
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We believe, we are still under the Commadments of God but not under the Laws of Moses
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We believe that once truly save always save  
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We believe the sign of a save person is the testimony of their past life 
We believe that the head man is Christ not man. 

We believe in disciples making disciples.

We believe in preaching the true gospel to the whole world.

We believe that faith without works is death.

We believe that the church shall never be lead by one man but  shall be compose and led by a group of elders seeking direction thru the holy spirit as the bible states.
We believe that Jesus is the only mediator between man and God.  He is faithful and just to forgive sins
We don’t believe in prayers to dead saints or to the dead. God calls this an abomination
We believe in prayers to the Father in Jesus Name.
We believe in the intercession  prayers but understanding that only thru Christ we can ever get to the father and all miracles of GOD come from the father thru his son
We believe that  idol or symbols of any kind shall be worship or replace  the death of our savior.
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We believe that hell is eternal condemnation.
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We believe in the celebration of Holy Days and don’t merge pagan traditions with ours.
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We believe that Constantine merge christianity with paganism and created a new set of traditions that shall not be follow because they are not of GOD. 
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We worship & break bread any day of the week but we honor the Sabbath Day as the seventh day.  
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We believe Jesus birthday was born during the feast of Tabernacles.
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We believe that everyone goes to a state of unconscious when they died till the time of judgment. The mercy seat judgement or the white throne judgment.
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We believe that Speaking in tongues or other languages  in public unless there is an interpreter is not biblical because it does not glorify.
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We believe that Slay in the spirit. It is not a biblical practice.

We believe in healing and deliverance thru the power of the Holy Spirit.
We believe Praying  like Jesus did, standing, kneeling, on  their faces on  the floor, not like the pagan do making circles.
We believe that the cruxifion, resurrection and ascencion all took place on a Sabbath Day.
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King of Kings Lord of Lords